Friday, June 22, 2018

Shipping Tips To Help Your Online Business

Your first impression you give about your business with your online listing includes the quality of your product, however, the lasting impression that is made with your careful packaging and timely shipping is what creates customer loyalty. Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you earn the loyal customers that will play a huge role in the success of your business.

Shipping Number Cruncher:
Use your platform's free number cruncher when you choose to sell your product and list it so your customers will see upfront what shipping costs are. This tool should automatically be available in the selling form as well as the lister. They can have the packages measured for international or domestic rates. Try to be as accommodating as possible on shipping methods by giving the customer about three shipping speed options for whichever distance they need. The price the customer sees should already include your reasonably considered handling fees. Those fees are covering your expenditures for time, supplies and costs. No extra charges are advised for this service and it's not a good reflection of your platform if you double charge your customers. The platform may even ban you for it.

Labeling and Postage:
Try to learn as much as you may need to about handling your shipping boxes and labeling on your platform's website. There may be a place for you to print your labels and pay for shipping online through Paypal instead of having to go to the post office and wait in the long lines. You can also use other postage printing services offered online such as Endicia and

The U.S. Postal Service:
Michael J. Ward is a successful entrepreneur who sells and ships items through his Torrance, California business website. He stresses the importance of quality shipping and how being able to get the product to your customer is what completes the transaction. He says you need a reliable and cost-effective method, so utilize a reliable company. This is important if you want your business to be successful. The post office gives priority and international shipping boxes for free, as well as pickup service free of charge. The post office has also recently announced that it will be introducing a new smaller box for online shoe shipments.

Information on UPS buyer and seller services can be found on the platform's homepage. UPS offers a Global Advisor for long distance shipping and packaging solutions. UPS has also added this information on its website.

Locate the international shipping help on your platform's website. Canada has a page on there as well to help with the high volume of exporting from the U.S.

Additional tools:
If you are sending off heavy and bulky products you should check out your site's freight resource center. Another option would be to use uShip. It is globally the largest peer-to-peer commerce for shipping. Shipping with this commerce site can save a user about 80 percent more than shipping through a traditional channel. For any additional questions always check your platform's discussion boards regarding packaging and shipping solutions.

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